Friday, 13 November 2009

Percy Ingle Holloway Road

Welcome everyone to the first post on my brand new blog dedicated to the branch of Percy Ingle located here in London on Holloway Road. Percy Ingle are a bakery chain selling cakes, bread, pies and hot and cold beverages like tea and bottled water.
Er...and thats about it really, I can't think of anything else to add...hold I've got nothing more, the well has run dry. I haven't even been into this shop to be perfectly frank and I am starting to think that maybe starting this blog was not such a good idea as I first thought.Oh yes they do sandwiches as well.
Hmm..well okay..thanks for dropping by and I hope you've enjoyed this my last post.


  1. Lapróxima Vez Que Este en Londres, me pasaré por la panaderia. un saludo

  2. i totaly agree with everything he said